2024 Financial Goals: Master these 5 steps to ace your finances

January 11, 2024
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Financial wellness is crucial for staying on track in 2024, and there are several steps individuals can take to ensure their financial goals are met. This includes evaluating goals, focusing on debt reduction, reevaluating portfolios, getting a head start on taxes, and creating accountability measures. By following these financial to-dos, individuals can improve their financial well-being for the rest of the year.

One of the first steps to staying on track financially in 2024 is evaluating goals. This includes mapping out expectations for the new year and figuring out what it will take to achieve those goals. It is important to be specific and realistic when setting financial goals.

Focusing on debt reduction is another crucial step. Paying down high-interest debt, like credit cards and personal loans, should be a priority. Mortgage recasting can also be considered to lower interest expenses and help become debt-free quicker.

Reevaluating portfolios is important in case the financial landscape remains rocky in 2024. Individuals should ensure that their portfolio aligns with their risk tolerance and financial goals. Taking advantage of savings opportunities offered by employers, such as maxing out retirement contributions, should also be considered.

Getting a head start on taxes can save time and hassle in the long run. Meeting with an accountant and tracking gains and losses from investments can help in preparing for tax season. Exploring ways to reduce taxable income, such as through deductions or gifting assets, can also be beneficial.

Creating accountability measures is essential for staying on track financially throughout the year. Blocking out a monthly time on the calendar to assess progress towards goals and having someone hold you accountable can help maintain commitment. Setting consequences, such as donating to a charity if financial check-ins are not met, can further motivate individuals.

By following these financial to-dos, individuals can improve their financial wellness for the rest of the year and stay on track towards their financial goals.

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