Law must adapt to fintech and digitisation trends for progress

March 26, 2024
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  • The rapid digitalisation of finance highlights the need for a cohesive regulatory framework that adapts to technological changes.
  • Experts at an international conference in Chennai emphasized the integration of digital finance with legal security and the impact of fintech on the economy.

The two-day international conference in Chennai, titled Harmony in Digital Finance and Legal Perspectives, focused on the challenges and opportunities brought by the rapid digitalisation of finance. Fintech experts highlighted the importance of a regulatory framework that can keep pace with technological advancements. V Venkatesan spoke on the integration of digital finance transactions with legal security, emphasizing the evolution of digital finance since the creation of the first digital calculator in 1961.

C Paramasivan underscored the impact of digitalisation on finance and the development of fintech, emphasizing the need to address fraud and scams in the financial sector. The conference also addressed the incorporation of technology into various subjects over the past few decades, with a focus on the current status of artificial intelligence, cyber threats, and government initiatives.

India’s goal of becoming a developed country by its 100th Independence Day was also discussed, with a focus on the role of the judiciary and the significant digital transformation experienced in India. The conference highlighted the need for ethical behavioral finance in the digital transformation era and the importance of ethical legal practices for societal change.

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