3 lessons Gen Zers learned from ‘loud budgeting’: save, spend wisely.

February 25, 2024
1 min read


  • Gen Zers are using “loud budgeting” to build financial literacy and reach savings goals.
  • Strategies include setting clear savings goals, being vocal about finances, and investing in financial literacy.

Gen Zers have popularized “loud budgeting” as a way to promote transparency in their spending habits in response to high living costs. This trend, coined by a TikTok user, emphasizes the importance of being vocal about finances and setting clear savings goals. The trend has gained traction as young people seek to achieve their financial goals amidst the rising cost of living. Loud budgeting involves openly discussing financial decisions with friends and family, prioritizing meaningful purchases, and investing in financial literacy. By embracing these strategies, Gen Zers are learning to manage their finances more effectively and feel more empowered in their financial decision-making.

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