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February 7, 2024
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In a recent update of its platform features, Advisor360° has enhanced its Gifts and Entertainment Disclosure capability. The update aims to reduce the time spent on manual entry by 90% compared to other systems. Advisors and staff can complete gift and entertainment reporting on one screen, eliminating the need to copy data from multiple fields. The upgrade also includes an auto-aggregation feature that gives the home office a comprehensive view of all gifts across the firm. Gifts below threshold limits can be filtered out, allowing the focus to be placed on those that exceed company policies.

In addition to gifts and entertainment disclosure, Advisor360° has made other enhancements to its platform throughout 2023, including multiple transfer of assets functionality, streamlined account opening processes, improvements to the model management and trading capability, and enhancements to the investor portal.

Mat Mathews, Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Advisor360°, highlighted the company’s commitment to improving productivity and making advisors’ lives easier. He also discussed the company’s focus on ongoing platform innovation to provide easy access to reliable data for advisors and the home office.

Advisor360° is a provider of integrated technology for enterprise wealth management firms, and its platform aims to drive better outcomes and increase innovation in the industry. The company’s proprietary Unified Data Fabric (UDF) forms the foundation of its platform, offering shared services and integrations with existing technology stacks. Advisor360° is headquartered in Weston, Massachusetts, and serves three million households with $1 trillion in assets.

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