Amex’s fintech strategy: We’re selective

January 16, 2024
1 min read


American Express (Amex) is working to expand the scale and reach of its products by focusing on fintech. The company has built platforms that allow fintech firms to connect with Amex for co-branding partnerships, and has invested in promising technology firms as well as making selective acquisitions. Key to Amex’s fintech strategy is the Agile Partnership Platform, which enables fintechs to launch co-branded cards on the Amex network, streamlining the integration process. The company also has the Sync platform, which allows fintechs and B2B software companies to embed Amex’s virtual cards into their platforms. Amex Ventures, the investing arm of the company, targets early-stage startups and refers promising products to other parts of the company even if they are not suitable for investment. The company has been cautious about acquisitons, instead focusing on building a structured commercial partnership programme and ensuring acquisitions align with its culture and vision.

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