Boost US open banking with FinTech and bank partnerships.

March 21, 2024
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Collaboration between traditional banks and FinTech companies is crucial for boosting open banking in the US. The pandemic has driven changes in consumer behavior, such as the shift to contactless payments and online channels. Banks still value face-to-face interactions for high-value transactions. Banks must integrate technical solutions to meet omnichannel expectations and digital payment preferences. Open banking in the US is driven by consumer demand rather than mandated, and fraud defenses are essential for building trust. FinTech partnerships can help banks create new revenue streams and offer a broader range of products. Technical flexibility and data integration are key for banks to stay competitive in the evolving financial services landscape.

According to Dave Scola, CEO of Form3, the transformation of banking and financial services requires collaboration between traditional banks and digital upstarts. The pandemic has led to a significant shift in consumer behavior, with a focus on contactless payments and online tasks. However, face-to-face interactions are still preferred for high-value transactions. Banks must work together with FinTech companies to create personalized experiences for customers and integrate technical solutions to meet changing expectations.

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