Boost your finances: Support bonds in 2024.

February 24, 2024
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Personal Finance: Vote bonds in 2024 | Summary


  • The U.S. 10-year Treasury bond experienced a significant loss in 2022.
  • The Federal Reserve’s rate hikes to combat inflation contributed to the poor performance of bonds.

Christopher Hopkins discusses the disappointing performance of bonds in the article, highlighting the 18% loss experienced by the U.S. 10-year Treasury bond in 2022, which marked the biggest decline in history. This decline followed a 4.4% drop in 2021, and only a late rally in December prevented a third consecutive loss. The Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes aimed at curbing inflation have been successful in slowing price increases without significantly harming the labor market, but have negatively affected bond performance.

Conservative investors, who typically turn to bonds for stability during turbulent times, have been left disillusioned by the recent poor performance. The article emphasizes the importance of considering alternative investment strategies in the current economic climate, as traditional safe haven assets like bonds may not provide the expected security. Hopkins suggests that voters should consider bonds in the 2024 election cycle, as economic conditions and investment opportunities may continue to shift in the coming years.

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