DeFi startup Euler Finance rebounds with new lending vaults.

February 22, 2024
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  • DeFi startup Euler Finance has launched Euler v2, a revamped lending platform after a $200 million exploit last year.
  • Euler v2 offers more flexibility with the Euler Vault Kit (EVK) and Ethereum Vault Connector (EVC) for customized lending markets.

DeFi lending protocol Euler Finance has rebounded from a significant exploit last year with the launch of Euler v2. The new version of the platform aims to provide greater flexibility to users by incorporating features like the Euler Vault Kit (EVK) and Ethereum Vault Connector (EVC), allowing for customized lending markets and the use of Ethereum-based vaults as collateral. Despite the setback, Euler CEO Michael Bentley remains optimistic about the potential of Euler v2 and the security measures being implemented ahead of its Q2 launch.

The exploit, which resulted in the loss of approximately $200 million in crypto, led Euler to reevaluate its security practices and invite white hat code auditors to review the platform before its official release. Euler v2 has been meticulously audited to ensure the highest level of security for users. By combining innovative features like the EVK and EVC, Euler hopes to regain the trust of users and continue providing valuable DeFi services in the crypto space.

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