FinMont and Justt: Revolutionizing Chargeback Problems with AI Automation

January 26, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: FinMont has formed a strategic alliance with Justt to handle chargeback handling more efficiently. Justt’s AI solution automates the chargeback process, freeing merchants to focus on customer relationships. FinMont plans to integrate its offerings with banks, payment processors, and other service providers to create a comprehensive solution for the travel industry.

FinMont has partnered with Justt, an AI-powered solutions provider, to enhance its payment infrastructure and automate chargeback handling. Justt’s AI solution streamlines the manual process of chargeback disputes and continuously improves its efficiency by analyzing transaction data. This partnership also involves integrating FinMont’s offerings with other service providers to create a tailored solution for the travel industry.

Suby Valluri, CEO of FinMont, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating that it will ensure they offer the best service to merchants in the travel industry. Renata Caine, Chief Commercial Officer at Justt, emphasized the benefits of an integrated global payment ecosystem for joint customers.

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