FinTech Australia, banks fuel innovation with epic reverse pitch event.

January 31, 2024
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TLDR: FinTech Australia has teamed up with ANZ, 1835i, and Westpac to host a “reverse pitch” event, inviting fintechs and emerging startups to present their innovative solutions to the banking and finance industry. The event aims to foster collaboration and innovation within Australia’s fintech ecosystem and will feature problem statements from ANZ and Westpac on topics such as sustainability, payments, and fraud. The event is scheduled for 21st February 2024 and is supported by the NSW Government via Investment NSW.

FinTech Australia is partnering with major banks ANZ and Westpac to host a reverse pitch event, inviting fintechs and startups to contribute their innovative solutions to the banking and finance sector in Australia. The event, scheduled for February 2024, will see ANZ and Westpac present selected problem statements addressing issues such as sustainability, payments, and fraud. The event aims to encourage collaboration and bring creative thinking to the table to enhance the capacity of Australia’s financial services sector. The initiative is supported by the NSW Government via Investment NSW.

The collaboration between ANZ, Westpac, and the fintech sector demonstrates the confidence major banks have in the industry to solve real-world challenges. The event is an extension of the long-standing partnerships and collaborations between the fintech industry and major companies in the financial services sector. FinTech Australia’s General Manager believes that the event will showcase the vibrancy and collaborative nature of the fintech ecosystem and could serve as a stepping stone for global fintechs seeking to establish a presence in Sydney.

The Head of Transaction Banking Australia and PNG at ANZ, Philippa Campbell, applauded Australia’s fintech sector for fostering a culture of innovative businesses and solutions. She expressed excitement about partnering with fintechs to pioneer solutions that enhance the resilience of banking systems and empower institutional customers amidst evolving challenges. The Group Chief Technology Officer at Westpac, David Walker, emphasized the importance of partnerships with fintechs for their technological transformation and solving business problems.

The reverse pitch event will provide an opportunity for the broader fintech and technology business community to hear directly from major banks about the challenges they wish to address. Attendees can explore potential collaborations and contributions to the Australian banking and finance sector. The event aims to stimulate and collaborate with Australia’s vibrant fintech community and strengthen the partnership between major banks and the fintech industry in solving real-world issues faced by the sector.

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