Fintech leader cuts costs and boosts efficiency in operations.

March 14, 2024
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  • A leading fintech company achieved a 30% cost reduction and 20% improved efficiency by streamlining operations with Foundever™
  • Over 500 FTEs were successfully transferred within 3.5 months to cost-effective nearshore European locations

In a case study, a global fintech brand partnered with Foundever™ to streamline operations and reduce the cost to serve by 30% over 2.5 years. The challenge involved transferring in-house contact center operations to external management with minimal impact on brand reputation and service level. The key to success was strategic planning, close collaboration, and efficient communication.

Key Elements:

The fintech company:

  • Specializes in simplifying online payments and financial services
  • Collaborates with merchants worldwide to provide seamless payment solutions
  • Wanted to transfer in-house contact center operations to Foundever™ for cost savings

The solution included:

  • Transfer of employees and operations from locations in Europe, North America, and Oceania
  • Strategic shadow operations, effective communication strategies, and attrition management
  • Investments in training, coaching, and productivity enhancements to drive cost efficiency

The results:

  • 30% cost reduction over 2.5 years
  • 20% improved efficiency
  • Successful transfer of over 500 FTEs within 3.5 months

This case study showcases the power of innovative collaboration and strategic planning in achieving significant cost savings and operational efficiency in the fintech industry. The seamless integration of technology and human resources played a crucial role in driving success.

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