Get creative with Edition 120 – fintech, ed, entrepreneurship all-in-one quiz

January 27, 2024
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In Edition 120 of YourStory’s weekly quiz, readers are tested on their business creativity and acumen. The quiz features real-life issues faced by entrepreneurs and asks participants to put themselves in the entrepreneurs’ shoes and determine what they would do. The quiz covers a range of topics including animal care solutions, AI and e-commerce, online education, founder success, and the fintech promise.

  • The quiz presents real-life challenges faced by entrepreneurs
  • Participants are asked to determine what they would do in the given situations

The first question asks about animal care solutions in emerging economies with low access to veterinary clinics in rural areas. Verdant Impact offers a platform that includes telemedicine and RFID-based health monitoring for livestock care.

The second question focuses on the challenges of maintaining trust and credibility in the e-commerce landscape. Ajay Trehan, CEO of AuthBridge, suggests that advanced data analytics and AI-powered identity verification solutions can help prevent fraud and account takeovers.

The third question addresses the subpar learning outcomes among school children in emerging economies. The upcoming Digital Inclusion Summit aims to address the digital divide through AI, government initiatives, and industry leadership in education.

The fourth question discusses the common tendency among entrepreneurs to constantly chase the next big thing. Kunal Bahl, co-founder of Snapdeal, emphasizes the importance of focus, economics, and culture for entrepreneurial success. He advises entrepreneurs to solve specific problems and build a profitable business.

The final question explores the role of fintech in financial literacy and empowerment. Sunil Shirguppi, SVP and Country Head for Greenlight in India, highlights the impact of fintech in increasing financial literacy and providing customized assessments and inputs for individuals’ financial aspirations.

Participants are provided with answers and links to articles with more details on the entrepreneurs’ solutions.

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