Hong Kong beckons AI and advanced manufacturing firms with allure.

January 24, 2024
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  • Hong Kong remains an attractive location for foreign direct investment (FDI) with over 30 strategic enterprises expected to invest over $3.8 billion in the city.
  • Start-ups are flourishing in Hong Kong, with 4,257 new businesses starting operations last year.
  • Dmall, a smart retail solution provider, plans to use Hong Kong as a launch pad for its regional and international expansion, using its comprehensive smart retail platform.
  • Dmall’s technology has helped increase on-shelf availability to 99% using AI.
  • The company aims to establish its headquarters in Hong Kong and become an accelerator for start-up development in the region.

Dmall, a smart retail solution provider and software-as-a-service platform, plans to expand its reach worldwide, using Hong Kong as a springboard for regional and international expansion. The company, which has already established a strong presence in Hong Kong, aims to increase its staff levels from 45 to 300 in the coming years. Dmall offers an end-to-end retail operating system that includes an app, website, point-of-sales system, warehouse management system, and inventory management system. The company uses AI to drive on-shelf availability to 99%, promising customers that they will almost never find an item they want unavailable on supermarket shelves. Dmall has signed an agreement with Cyberport business park in Hong Kong to establish its headquarters there and become part of a tech community focused on smart retail and e-commerce. The company also plans to support start-ups by acting as an accelerator and helping them expand into overseas and mainland Chinese markets. Dmall’s expansion plans also include regional presence in Cambodia and Singapore, with further expansion into Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The company is also working with large retailers in Europe to bring them on board in the next 12 months. In addition to its innovative retail technology, Dmall plans to enhance the in-store customer experience by providing sustainability metrics and supply-chain information through QR codes.

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