iTWire welcomes three-time founder Sarah Gorman as FinTech Australia Chair

March 18, 2024
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  • FinTech Australia appoints Sarah Gorman as Chair and Rehan D’Almeida as CEO.
  • The organization aims to support and propel the fintech industry through its next stage of growth.

Fintech Australia has elected Sarah Gorman as the new Chair, with Rehan D’Almeida becoming the CEO. Gorman, a three-time founder and DAS executive, brings over two decades of experience to the role. The organization aims to continue supporting and growing the fintech industry in Australia, with a focus on innovation, growth, and global challenges such as climate change and AI. Outgoing chair Simone Joyce will move to an advisory role, while Brian Collins takes on the Deputy Chair position. The appointment comes as the industry sees increasing engagement and commercial success, with over 81% of fintechs hitting profitability and growing revenue. Together, the new leadership team plans to navigate regulatory challenges and drive overall growth in the fintech sector.

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