Muinmos partners with FX Back Office for broker innovation and efficiency

March 18, 2024
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  • Muinmos and FX Back Office have formed a partnership to provide onboarding, KYC, and CRM solutions for FX brokers globally.
  • The collaboration between the two companies aims to streamline client management processes for FX brokers and reduce custom integrations and maintenance.

Muinmos and FX Back Office have joined forces to offer a comprehensive onboarding, KYC, and CRM solution for FX brokers worldwide. This collaboration brings together Muinmos’ advanced client onboarding platform with FX Back Office’s specialised CRM services, catering specifically to FX brokers operating in multiple jurisdictions. The integration of these platforms is designed to significantly simplify the client management process and enhance efficiency for financial institutions.

Leading the partnership, Muinmos specializes in automating client onboarding processes, utilizing AI for client categorization, conducting fully automated KYC/AML checks, and assessing client risks. On the other hand, FX Back Office is known for its advanced CRM solutions, including extensive client area, back-office functionalities, and multi-level IB and affiliate area. By merging their expertise, these two companies aim to offer a unified access point for financial institutions to access both client onboarding and CRM capabilities seamlessly.

By integrating their platforms, Muinmos and FXBO are expected to provide significant advantages to their existing clientele while attracting new clients in the Forex industry. This partnership eliminates the need for custom integrations and maintenance, thereby reducing the time to market for FX brokers. The amalgamation of Muinmos’ onboarding proficiency with FXBO’s CRM capabilities signifies a strategic move to address the evolving demands of the Forex market.

Remonda Kirketerp-Møller, Founder and CEO of Muinmos, emphasized the value of the partnership in enhancing client onboarding and back-office solutions for brokers. Dmitriy Petrenko, Managing Director of FX Back Office, expressed enthusiasm for reshaping client onboarding and KYC procedures in the Forex industry. Together, Muinmos and FXBO are poised to redefine the landscape of FX broker services with their integrated platform offering.

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