Mukuru’s aid reaches across Africa with expansion to Uganda.

March 23, 2024
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  • Mukuru is distributing aid in Africa following its expansion to Uganda.
  • They are working with various aid organizations to help vulnerable populations.
  • South Africa-based money transfer platform, Mukuru, has expanded its aid distribution efforts across Africa, especially in Zimbabwe, where there is a great need for assistance. They are working with UN organizations and NGOs such as the United Nations Children’s Fund, Red Cross, and Oxfam to distribute aid to vulnerable populations impacted by economic issues and COVID-19 lockdowns.

    Kevin Nyakotyo, the enterprise sales manager at Mukuru, has highlighted the positive feedback from aid organizations, which has allowed Mukuru to expand its services to other camps in Zimbabwe. They have also onboarded clients in newer markets like Uganda, ensuring on-time payments for millions and building capabilities in these regions.

    Additionally, Mukuru ensures the security of aid transfers by maintaining strict audit and accountability standards. The system allows for end-to-end traceability, enabling aid organizations to verify collections and identify any potential fraud. This accountability is crucial to ensure that the intended aid reaches the vulnerable recipients without any oversight or corruption.

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