New college president aims to secure our future amid financial woes.

February 13, 2024
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  • Wayne Webster, the current president of Albion College in Michigan, is focused on “securing our future” amid financial challenges.
  • Webster views former Albion College president Mauri Ditzler as a mentor.

Wayne Webster, the president of Albion College in Michigan, has made it his goal to “secure our future” amid financial woes facing the institution. Webster, who has been in his role since July 2023, views former Albion College president Mauri Ditzler as a mentor. The two first connected through Webster’s dissertation research and maintained a professional relationship until Ditzler’s tenure ended in 2020.

Albion College has faced financial challenges in recent years, with declining enrollment and increased costs contributing to budget deficits. Webster is focused on finding innovative ways to address these challenges and ensure the college’s long-term sustainability.

Under Webster’s leadership, Albion College has implemented several initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining students. These include revamped academic programs, increased financial aid, and improved facilities and campus resources. The college has also sought partnerships with local businesses and organizations to enhance career development opportunities for students.

In addition to his efforts to strengthen Albion College’s financial position, Webster is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive campus community. He has prioritized diversity and equity initiatives, including the establishment of a task force on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Webster believes that creating an inclusive environment is essential for attracting and retaining a diverse student body.

Webster’s experience in higher education leadership and his close relationship with former president Ditzler have positioned him well to navigate the challenges facing Albion College. He remains optimistic about the college’s future and is dedicated to securing its long-term success.

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