Personal finance education: worth more than $100,000 in value.

February 17, 2024
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Key Points:

  • Personal finance education has a lifetime benefit of $100,000 per student.
  • Studies show a strong connection between financial literacy and financial well-being.

Personal finance education at a young age can have a significant impact on an individual’s financial well-being. A recent report by consulting firm Tyton Partners and Next Gen Personal Finance found that students who take a one-semester course in personal finance in high school can benefit from a lifetime savings of approximately $100,000. This value comes from the ability to avoid high-interest credit card debt and secure better borrowing rates for key expenses.

Furthermore, students who receive financial literacy education are more likely to tap into lower-cost loans and grants for college, resulting in lower levels of debt and higher credit scores as young adults. In addition, early financial education is positively correlated with asset accumulation and net worth by age 25.

As the trend towards in-school personal finance classes grows, with half of all states requiring or in the process of requiring high school students to take a personal finance course, the importance of financial literacy in shaping future financial well-being becomes increasingly apparent. The research is clear: financial literacy leads to better financial outcomes and greater financial security for individuals and communities.

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