Revolutionise wealth management with KidbrookeONE – unmatched financial analytics.

March 13, 2024
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Revolutionising wealth management: Introducing KidbrookeONE for unmatched financial analytics

  • Kidbrooke releases KidbrookeONE, a unified analytics platform for investment and wealth management
  • KidbrookeONE offers advanced ALM tools, personalised digital wealth management experiences, and effective data management

Kidbrooke, known for its expertise in crafting market and insurance risk models, has evolved into a software firm with a focus on developing the OutRank financial simulation engine. This engine amalgamated asset and liability management with Monte Carlo simulations, setting new standards in financial planning. In response to industry demands, Kidbrooke has introduced KidbrookeONE, a significant upgrade from OutRank, offering a Unified Investment and Wealth Analytics platform. KidbrookeONE streamlines market and investment product data management, enhances wealth analytics capabilities, and ensures efficiency and consistency for investment and wealth managers. The platform’s three-tiered digital transformation framework addresses data management, financial query responses, and omni-channel business operations, making sophisticated wealth analytics accessible to a broader audience. Overall, KidbrookeONE signals a strategic pivot towards catering to the dynamic needs of financial institutions and helping them stay competitive in the evolving financial landscape.

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