Stripe’s engineer ditches hedge fund Balyasny to join us in London

January 29, 2024
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TLDR: Hedge fund technologist Bogdan Cozmaciuc has left Balyasny to join payments giant Stripe as a software engineer. Cozmaciuc brings experience in designing trading applications and working on NLP platforms for extracting alpha from text-based datasets. Stripe, known for attracting talent from banks and tech firms, has also been able to compete with hedge funds in terms of compensation for software engineers.

Bogdan Cozmaciuc has joined payments giant Stripe as a software engineer after leaving hedge fund Balyasny, where he worked as a staff software engineer and designed trading applications along with working on an NLP platform. Stripe has been successful in attracting engineers from banks and tech firms, but hedge fund technologists have seemed hard to come by.

Stripe has been known to pay its software engineers an average of $370k in 2023, making it a competitor to hedge funds in terms of compensation. However, Balyasny was the second-highest paying hedge fund in London in 2022, with staff making £1m ($1.2m) on average, including portfolio managers and software engineers. Cozmaciuc joined Balyasny in 2022 from Man Group, where he worked for six years.

Cozmaciuc will be relocating from London to Bucharest for his new role at Stripe, as the company has an office in Bucharest but his previous employers do not.

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