Stylists bank big bucks dressing up white-collar tech and finance dudes.

February 14, 2024
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  • White-collar workers in tech, finance, and other industries are hiring stylists to upgrade their wardrobes
  • Professional stylists charge thousands of dollars to help workers balance professional and casual styles

White-collar workers in industries such as tech, finance, and law are turning to professional stylists to help them navigate the confusion of modern dress codes. Business casual attire can range from Patagonia vests to leather jackets to pricey sneakers, making it difficult for workers to know how to strike the right balance between professional and cool. As a result, white-collar workers are willing to pay thousands of dollars to hire stylists to upgrade their wardrobes.

Stylists often start by assessing their clients’ personalities before selecting appropriate clothing. Some stylists send clients questionnaires to understand their hobbies and music preferences, while others prefer to hop on a call to determine what works best for their clients. The goal is to project an authentic version of oneself that strikes the perfect sartorial balance.

Professional stylists may recommend top-tier brands such as Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, and Zegna for a sophisticated yet simple look. These stylists often charge higher prices for their services, and clients should be prepared to swap their $50 shirts for higher-end options in the $250 range.

Some stylists, such as Jacci Jaye of “Wall Street Stylist,” offer extensive, weekslong style programs for clients who need more than a few hours of help. These programs may include a closet analysis, personalized shopping, and assistance integrating new pieces into an existing wardrobe.

Even for those who can’t afford a professional stylist, there are some general guidelines to follow. Sylvie di Guisto, founder of Executive Image Consulting, suggests that the more a person deals with client’s money, the more traditional and conservative they should dress.

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