TikTokers embrace Dave Ramsey’s ultra-frugal advice.

February 20, 2024
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  • Millions of TikTokers are rejecting Dave Ramsey’s financial advice for being too frugal and out of touch
  • Younger generations prioritize self-care and daily luxuries like $6 coffee over extreme frugality

For over three decades, Dave Ramsey has been a trusted source of financial advice, promoting a no-nonsense approach to debt. However, his ultra-frugal and conservative recommendations have sparked backlash among Gen Z and Millennials on TikTok. The hashtag ‘#daveramseywouldntapprove’ has gained over 66 million views, with critics calling out Ramsey’s advice to give up luxuries and avoid debt at all costs. Many argue that Ramsey’s guidance is outdated, particularly in the face of soaring inflation and increasing college debt. While Ramsey’s approach emphasizes selling belongings and taking on multiple jobs to pay off debt, younger Americans prioritize self-care and daily indulgences such as $6 coffee for their mental well-being. Despite Ramsey’s personal success story of overcoming bankruptcy to amass a $200 million net worth, his advice to curb daily expenses like expensive coffee is being challenged by a generation facing a perfect storm of inflation, high interest rates, and escalating college costs.

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