Top crypto project poised for 50-100x growth in 2022.

March 22, 2024
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  • Coinbase’s Layer 2 BASE projects predicted to gain 50-100x growth this year
  • Top projects include BRETT, TOSHI, NORMI, AERO, WAGMI, TYGB, GMR, ParallelTCG

In a recent article, Mustafa Mulla discusses the rapid growth and potential of Coinbase’s Layer 2 BASE projects. These projects, including BRETT, TOSHI, NORMI, AERO, WAGMI, TYGB, GMR, and ParallelTCG, are gaining traction in the crypto sphere and are predicted to see exponential growth this year. The BASE ecosystem, which launched its testnet in February 2023, has seen a significant increase in Unique Active Wallets (UAWs) and revenue.

Among the top projects, BRETT, a memecoin inspired by Matt Furie’s character, has garnered attention with a market cap of $331 million. Other projects like TOSHI, AERO, NORMIE, WAGMI Games, TYBG, GMR, and ParallelTCG are also showing promising growth potential. With features like gaming, meme culture, infrastructure, and decentralized exchanges, these projects are diversifying the BASE ecosystem.

The article highlights the growth and innovation in the BASE ecosystem, driven by developers and enthusiasts in the Coinbase community. As interest and investment in BASE projects continue to surge, the future of Web3 adoption and the crypto landscape looks promising with projects like BRETT, TOSHI, NORMI, AERO, WAGMI, TYGB, GMR, and ParallelTCG leading the way.

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