Hong Kong seize green finance as chance, duty: HKMA CEO

February 29, 2024
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  • CEO of Hong Kong Monetary Authority emphasizes the importance of embracing green finance for a sustainable future
  • Hong Kong is positioned to lead in sustainable and green finance initiatives

Supporting the transition to a more sustainable future based on a low-carbon economy is viewed as a significant opportunity and responsibility by Eddie Yue Wai-man, CEO of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. According to Yue, Hong Kong must take advantage of the sustainability trend and become Asia’s sustainable-finance hub to support the vision of the green transition. Recent severe weather events in Hong Kong, such as a “once in 500 years” rainstorm in September, highlight the urgency for embracing green finance initiatives.

The Hong Kong government announced plans to increase the government debt ceiling to facilitate sustainable finance projects, including the Government Green Bond Programme. The HKMA is developing a transition finance framework to classify activities that can aid carbon-intensive firms in achieving net-zero emissions, thereby promoting green financing opportunities. Stakeholder feedback from a consultation process last May is being used to develop a green classification framework to position Hong Kong as a leading international green and sustainable finance hub.

As China transitions towards a green economy, there are significant growth opportunities for investments, driven by policy shifts towards quality over quantity. The nation’s economy is expected to benefit from the growth of the middle class and advancements in technology. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is focusing on long-term investment opportunities in China’s evolving economic landscape.

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