Minnesota flaunts $3.7 billion budget surplus

February 29, 2024
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  • Minnesota posts $3.7 billion budget surplus for the two-year budget ending in 2025.
  • State faces potential financial pressure with a shortfall nearing $1.5 billion by 2027.

Minnesota’s latest budget forecast reveals a $3.7 billion surplus for the two-year budget ending in 2025, a significant increase from the previous projection in December. Governor Tim Walz hailed the surplus as evidence of a thriving economy, positioning the state well for the future. However, officials caution that while the current budget foundation is solid, there could be financial pressures in the next two-year budget cycle, with a potential shortfall approaching $1.5 billion by 2027. State spending projections have not seen significant adjustments, prompting the need for restraint to manage future obligations.

State Economist Laura Kalambokidis highlighted positive outlooks for Minnesota but warned about potential international conflicts, inflation changes, and federal budget lags that could impact the state’s trajectory. This forecast sets the tone for discussions during the legislative session, with DFL lawmakers aiming for a more modest approach compared to the previous year’s $72 billion budget. Republicans have advocated for tax rebates and spending cuts to offset what they perceive as excessive spending.

The state’s rainy day reserves have seen significant growth, approaching $3 billion, providing a cushion for potential future challenges. Legislative leaders and Governor Walz are discussing how the revised estimates might influence their plans for the session. House Republican Minority Leader Lisa Demuth has criticized the majority party for irresponsible spending in the past and called for a more prudent approach this year.

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