Leverage digital public goods to unlock fintech opportunities in finance.

March 13, 2024
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  • Inclusive instant payment systems in emerging economies are paving the way for the informal economy to participate in the digital financial sector.
  • Digital Public Goods (DPGs) are being adopted to modernize instant payment systems and promote financial inclusion.

In emerging economies, inclusive instant payment systems (IIPS) are revolutionizing the financial sector, offering a pathway for the informal economy to join the digital economy. However, not all instant payment systems are inclusive, leaving billions of potential fintech customers unbanked or underserved despite owning mobile phones. To address this issue, countries are turning to Digital Public Goods (DPGs) to modernize their IIPS and maximize financial inclusion. By leveraging DPGs, IIPS can prioritize financial inclusion, extend government-to-person payments, create necessary financial track records, reduce transaction costs, and enhance scalability and interoperability. This approach presents substantial business opportunities for fintechs, allowing them to access more customers, open up new markets, customize offerings, and contribute to inclusive economic growth. By embracing DPG-enabled IIPS, fintechs position themselves at the forefront of the future of finance while fostering a more equitable global economy.

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