Setting the bar high for US auto finance originations.

January 22, 2024
1 min read

A new standard for excellence in US auto finance originations has been introduced by automotive finance technology pioneer Alfa. The company’s Total Originations product, launched as part of its Alfa Systems platform, aims to meet the evolving needs of the market by offering a comprehensive solution for direct and indirect lending in the US auto finance sector. The launch of Total Originations is part of Alfa’s overall strategy to position itself as the premium solution in the industry by expanding the functionality of its originations product and providing customers with unparalleled functionality. The product will be integrated into the full launch of Alfa Systems 6 later in 2024. Alfa’s Compose module, which allows customers to create personalized screen designs, was also introduced as part of the first release in Alfa Systems 6, addressing the need for efficiency in auto finance operations.

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